Terms and Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions on which lambdadevs Inc. operates.

The terms “we”, “us”, ”its” or “our” refers to lambdadevs Inc. The terms “client”, “the client”, “clients”, “they”, “their”, “User” or “customer” refers to any individual who is accepting this Agreement.

It is mandatory for clients to read the document carefully and sign this before starting any project with lambdadevs Inc.

Copyrights Policies
At lambdadevs Inc. we give value to our client’s choice and to the website our client is inspired with, however, we do not replicate things to the extent of plagiarism. We do not copy images, content or anything else that can lead to a legal action. Images copyrights are seriously handled at lambdadevs Inc., as images obtained from any Search Engines are subject to copyright. Therefore, lambdadevs Inc. herein takes no responsibility of images, content or any other material provided by the client for the completion of the project. Any material provided by client should be self-produced/purchased or having legal copyrights to use.

Security of Website
lambdadevs Inc. being professional web design agency takes all security measures for the client’s website and practices industry standards. However, no website can be secured at all times and there is a possibility of hacking, injections, malware, viruses, spyware and some other security breaches. So, lambdadevs Inc. takes no legal or financial responsibility for any security issue which may occur. We backup client’s website at regular intervals and can restore the most recent backup at no cost.

Technical Support Policy
lambdadevs Inc. gladly entertains support inquiries and tries to resolve any technical issues as soon as possible. Multiple clients may generate support inquiries in a single day, in that case, requests are resolved in the order received from clients. For technical support, clients may send their inquiries to info@lambdadevs.com.

Payment Policy
At lambdadevs Inc., payment is divided in three instalments as follows:

  1. 35% payment at the starting of the project
  2. 35% payment after half completion of the project
  3. 30% payment before the delivery of the project

Unless stated otherwise at the time of contract.

Due Payment Policy
If a client fails to pay instalments as per contract, lambdadevs Inc. has the right to suspend the website services including email accounts and any other web related services. If client has not made payment in full amount after 7 days of project completion, the ownership rights of client’s website will be forfeited.

Refund Policy
lambdadevs Inc. charges 35% of total project cost as down payment. A client may request a refund once the payment has been deposited. In case the work has been initiated, the client will have to pay 20% of total project cost decided and the rest will be refunded.

Ownership policy
At lambdadevs Inc., a client has the ownership rights of their website once the full payment of the project has been made after its completion. The moment client clears all their payments they have the right to edit, update or delete any section or content of their choice. Once all the credentials are handed over to client, lambdadevs Inc. takes no responsibility of any error that may be caused directly or indirectly by client.

Advertisement Policy
lambdadevs Inc. uses signatures in website’s footer as proof of work. Client may NOT change the link until unless a whole new website is developed by any other third party. lambdadevs Inc. reserves the right to use any material created by us to advertise for portfolio purposes in forms of flyers, brochures, social media, blog and more without client’s approval.

Ethical Policies
lambdadevs Inc. strictly follows the policy of not producing or distributing content violating the moral or ethical standards of society which may include but is not limited to racism, bullying, bigotry, sexism, abuse or anything society doesn’t take as moral.

Behavioural Policy
We expect every client to treat lambdadevs Inc. team members in a polite, decent, and professional manner. Any kind of disrespectful behaviour, harassment or abuse is unbearable. This behaviour may include but is not limited to written abuse, unnecessary emails, compelling to deliver project before the date of completion. If the activity continues, this may lead to the termination of the contract.

Client’s Satisfaction
lambdadevs Inc. is committed to offer services in a timely, efficient, budget friendly manner. We treat all of our clients in a polite and professional manner at all times. We deliver quality work which delights our clients. We are always available to help.

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