Pay Per Click PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click PPC Advertising gives an immediate impact and generates revenue and sales for your company by placing your product in front of your potential buyers!

Pay Per Click PPC marketing is one of the most common types of online advertising, which drives traffic to your website for a cost. The cost is based on a CPC – per click basis. Two important PPC ads provider is Google and Facebook Ads.

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Lambdadevs PPC agency Toronto offers the highest level of PPC ads campaign at a reasonable price. From campaign installing and keyword research, to screening and management, to calculating and reporting, we will be with you at every step of your journey to make sure your campaign is a hit.

Our paid pay-per-click marketing services are offered to customers internationally. If you have any queries about your paid campaign, get in touch with us.

Our PPC marketing techniques are fully planned to meet the requirements of our customers and their market situations. We offer you leads that keep your sales group busy. We offer up-to-mark pay-per-click marketing services which include Paid search ads, PPC remarketing, Display ads, Video & social advertising.

Lambdadevs – PPC agency Toronto delivers outstanding results which help in accomplishing the business goals and aims of our customers. We manage every of our customer’s accounts every day and continuously monitor bid costs and funds to ensure we are maximizing ROI on every dollar spent!

Our terrific PPC results are due to the composite approach which comprises a thorough outlook of our customer’s business and objectives for pay per click marketing, also as assessment of all the choices and suggesting of an important list of paid activities. We also recommend developments to your landing pages and text to ensure we have maximum ROI conversions.


Paid Advertising

Our PPC advertising will help to get a positive ROI for your business. Invest money sensibly – use the lucrative and the most targeted form of PPC advertising built by our team.

Mobile Ads

Mobile advertising has gained way too much popularity these days as it is a very expensive and outstanding way of catching the audience’s attention. Most company’s target audience is mobile users which is why it is the simplest yet effortless way to approach them. Through mobile ads, companies don’t have to wait for the target audience time to approach them via the internet so it is the quickest way to move towards them!

PPC Remarketing

Convert precious potential buyers into faithful customers. Our team of experts will help you reconnect consumers who have expressed concern about your items already by developing a technique that will meet all your needs and requirements.

Social Ads

Want to build awareness about your product, item, brand, or service? We develop a personalized social ads technique that will meet KPIs and your goals.


Display Ads

We provide PPC marketing and display ads marketing techniques for your brand publicity, conversions, and engagement. We can effectively manage both brand campaigns and direct management campaigns.


Video Ads

We are highly professional in the most capable online set-ups and our team is ever ready to assist you to stand firm against your competitors by making video ads that will guarantee boost your brand’s awareness.

Benefits of PPC

  1. PPC guarantees the perceptibility of your ad whenever some internet consumer searched the particular keywords.
  2. PPC is an affordable way to advertise because business has to only disburse when an ad is clicked and an audience comes to their page!
  3. PPC enables the advertiser to keep an update on the ad’s budget also seasonal campaigns are a second way of advertising your business with maintaining your budget.
  4. One of the major benefits of PPC is that it assists in improving natural click. After boosting the popularity of the link, the advertiser does not need to advertise it via PPC!

Other PPC Services in our range

Other than offering PPC ad services on Google+, we as well provide Yahoo and Bing PPC management services!

Yahoo PPC management service

Yahoo is a very important search engine that should be kept in mind if you’re an advertiser of PPC. It tends to boost the ranking of the site if linked with Yahoo. Further advantages using Yahoo PPC management services come with extra ad viewers and loyal client base, payment only when few clicks on an advertisement, as well as offers conversion tracker to the proportion of traffic that comes to your ad get transferred as your client.

Bing PPC management service

Bing PPC management service accounts for about 20% of internet users who use Bing to search so basically that’s a vast number that might help you to boost your company. Using Bing as a platform for PPC advertising adds a vast number of audiences to your ad also develop the chances of potential sales through it!


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